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We have 23 specialized committees in which the export and productive industries of the country are grouped. This allows us to provide technical and specialized support to all our associated enterprises according to their needs.

Led by the Central Exports Management, ADEX has three large Specialized Management Sectors that permanently monitor the export development of our associated enterprises without distinction of sizes.

Thanks to the constant support of our team of professionals, our associated enterprises receive from time to time specialized advice, proposals to improve their competitiveness, and overcome barriers to the development of their businesses, and anticipate their future needs.

Ten specialized committees support the needs of producers and exporters of fresh and processed foods.
We act as representatives of non-traditional industry in sectors such as forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, as well as mining and quarries.
The manufacturing strength of the country is still going strong and is gathered in our management to boost the internationalization of its businesses.
We group companies that are key suppliers of various services in the whole chain involved in foreign trade.