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Free service platform, exclusive for associated enterprises, that defends the interests of the export sector.

ADEX’s Legal Center provides personalized and LEGAL guidance specialized in:



  • International purchase and sale contracts.
  • Incoterms
  • International means of payment.



  • Income tax.
  • General sales tax.
  • Administrative systems of the IGV (Detractions, retentions and perceptions).
  • SUNAT partial and total control procedures.
  • Orientation in its challenging resources facing SUNAT and the Tax Court.
  • Coactive collection procedure.
  • Municipal taxes and contributions (Essalud and ONP)



  • Regulation of customs procedures (export, import, consumption, drawback, among others).
  • Orientation on their import and export offices, facing  customs, and port authorities.
  • Customs valuation and observation on declared value on import.
  • Anticipated customs clearance and prior guarantees.
  • Logistic costs in their import and export offices.
  • Customs infringements and sanctions.
  • Immobilization, seizure, confiscation, and legal abandonment of goods.
  • Guidance in their appeals and grievances.
  • Returns for improper payments or excess.



  • Labor contracts
  • Labor contracts under the non-traditional export regime.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Holidays, gratuities, family allowance, CTS.


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Javier Villanueva Nehmad

Legal Manager

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Patricia Saravia Guevara

Taxation and Customs  Specialist

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Marelly Diaz Huarcaya

Labor Specialist

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Janet Retamozo Casas

Drawback  Specialist

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