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    Asociación de Exportadores - ADEX

Fishery and Aquaculture Committee

Asociación de Exportadores (ADEX) is a business institution founded in 1973 to represent and provide services to its partners: Exporters, Importers and Service Providers.

Our guild is made up of large, medium and small companies whose common denominator is the vision of achieving ambitious business goals.

In ADEX, the Fishery and Aquaculture Committee brings together the most representative exporting companies in the Country, that develop a continuous work with the sector's public institutions.

We are working together to find immediate solutions to the current problems in order to promote greater growth that will later be reflected in Peruvian exports.

Peruvian Sea: the great hydrobiological reserve

Peru has one of the most productive oceans in the world, which contributes with 10% of the annual global fish catch. The Peruvian ocean combines the best of two natural worlds: the biodiversity of the northern tropical ocean and the unusual productivity of the central and southern cold ocean. It is home to 750 fish species and over 1000 mollusc species, which can be exploited for human consumption.

Aquaculture Production

More than 82 thousand tons produced in 2015.
It develops specially in Piura, Puno, Tumbes, Ancash, San Martin, Junin and Huancavelica.
64 % of production is from the maritime sector , highlighting the species of scallops(71%) and shrimps (29%);
Remaining 36% corresponds to the production of inland fishery.


224 million dollars in exports of aquaculture products by 2015.
Main exported species were: shrimps ( $ 134 million), scallops ( $ 75 million).

Our Position in the International Market


US$32 228 000



$17 266 000

South Korea


$8 131 000



US$60 107 000



$13 205 000

United States of America

$10.362 Miles



US$86 329 000

United States of America

$28 779 000



$17 052 000



US$77 398 000

United States of America

$14 034 000

South Korea


$1 286 000